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Welcome to Idealiss Palace! “The place where people are far away from being ideal!”

A lucky girl encounters by chance five guys with strange habits working in a place they call “palace”. She makes a deal with them which later seems to turn into a fight.

Who will win?

posterIdealiss Palace and its clubs’ representatives/members

This is a story about a girl, Lecintina Clarinessim, who won the great prize at a simple shampoo contest. The prize consists in free courses at Idealiss Palace, which the clubs’ representatives – some strange workaholics – are more than happy to give…or maybe not…

Follow Lecintina in her adventure to get her well-deserved prize! Will she win the fight with the clubs’ representatives or not?

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Recommended to: all ages
Type of game: visual novel
Download link(s): Prologue – Idealiss Palace

All instructions about gameplay are inside the zip file in readme.txt . File tested with AVG AntiVirus. Enjoy!


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Watch video from prologue here: